Would you like to prepare yourself so you can be promoted to a role in leadership? Are you in a leadership role already … but need to sharpen your skills? Are you responsible for training new leaders?

It’s not enough to just know about leadership….

You have to live your leadership!

Living your leadership is more than just reading about strategies and trying to implement them. And it’s more than learning the rules and trying to follow them. It means incorporating the core values of what it takes to be a good leader… in self-leadership … and then implementing them in the leadership of others. The courses, workshops and coaching that we do are designed to help you develop a solid framework for self-leadership and refine your skills in leading your team.

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Your topic, your location. Give YOUR organization’s new and emerging leaders the skills they need for outstanding results. Powerful, interactive and fun! Read more… As your Coach, I can help you take charge of your life and your career, supporting you and guiding you to reach your greatest leadership potential.
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Whether you are in a leadership position now…or are an emerging leader … the pathway to excellence is in developing and refining your skills. You’ll want to know how to …

  • Manage Conflict
  • Deal with Difficult People
  • Work with Multiple Generations
  • Bring out the Best in Others
  • Be a Great Leader
  • Create Harmony in the Workplace

Our simple and practical approach to the topics below will help you build your confidence, increase your knowledge and decrease your stress. They will also expand your skill set so you can experience outstanding results as a leader. Take action now … start living your leadership with new insight and ability!


Meet Teresa Gilbert — the voice for the emerging leader’s success. Since stepping into her first leadership role in the early 80’s, she’s trained and coached thousands of leaders and wants to help you live your leadership. She encourages and equips individuals and organizations to lead by example, and to incorporate key leadership concepts into daily routines and decisions, so it becomes a way of life.

When that happens, leadership becomes easy!

As a Certified Leadership Coach, a facilitator for the Franklin Covey Company, and recipient of the Highest Achievement Award from the Dale Carnegie Company, Teresa blends her formal training with over 25 years of experience in training new and seasoned leaders.

Teresa will teach your people how to rise to their highest leadership potential – and enjoy the rewards of managers and supervisors who lead with excellence.

So whether you’re an emerging leader yourself, or responsible for training and development of supervisors and managers, you’re about to learn skills and strategies that will transform the effectiveness of your organization.