On-Demand Training

Pathways to Excellence provides On-Demand training courses designed for both seasoned and emerging leaders. This type of training allows:

  • Participants to view On-Demand via recorded modules — at their own pace, from the comfort of any location.
  • Hands-on training to be provided with no travel costs.
  • Organizations to purchase courses just once and use for ALL staff as there is no per-person cost . You can train 1, 10, 100 or even 1000 staff members for this one low purchase price

LeadershipInstituteDo you need training designed to equip emerging leaders with basic skills and competencies so they can effectively lead and achieve desired outcomes?

Our Leadership Institute includes specialized training for new and emerging leaders (and a great refresher for those currently in leadership roles).



Leadership 101 Training

L-101Designed for the on-the-go leader who needs high quality training in short sound bites!

  • Tips and strategies to improve your leadership skills in 12 key areas
  • Ready-made power point and handouts to train your staff in short sessions
  • Relevant next-step activities to apply your learning



Supervisor 101 Training

Would you like to improve the performance skills of the supervisors in your organization?

Do you wish your supervisors could keep small problems from spiraling out of control?

Supervisors and managers must be ready, willing, and able to lead their staff in an effective manner that results in quality services and customer/client satisfaction. But too often, supervisors have “come through the ranks” and never been effectively trained to deal with the challenging issues of being a supervisor.



Bringing Out the Best in You and Others

Do you sometimes struggle to appreciate people who see the world differently from you? To be an effective employee or manager, the ability to effectively communicate with people who are different from you is critical.

Using a resource called “Personality Patch,” you can learn appropriate responses to challenging people and situations, resulting in a more stable work environment, greater staff and patient safety and care, as well as higher staff morale and retention.



Celebrations and Challenges of Leading Multiple Generations

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the younger generation has no work ethic?’

Or perhaps ‘senior management is way out of touch?’

Multiple generations in the workplace – four distinct generations, for the first time in history. And every type of business, organization, program, or institution is experiencing the challenges of these four generations in the workplace at the same time.



Dealing With Difficult People

Do you find it challenging to work and relate to certain people?

Does it seem that undesirable behaviors surface when certain events occur?

Even the most troublesome people can become more manageable when you understand what causes undesirable behaviors. In Dealing With Difficult People, we will discover ways to approach the difficult people in your own life in ways that seem to make them transform before your eyes.



Creating a Culture of Customer Service Excellence

“What is Customer Service?” “What business are you in?”

“Who are your customers?” “What do your customers really want?”

Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to developing outstanding customer service within your business or organization. Sometimes the answers to these questions are not what we think they are!



Supervisor as Coach

Do you supervise up-and-coming leaders? Need to be able to coach them as they acquire solid leadership skills?

As a supervisor, you need to be able to recognize the potential in those you lead, and provide learn-as-you-go coaching and mentoring to build the core competencies of your leaders. Supervisor as Coach teaches you the basics of serving in the role as Coach to those you supervise – with minimal time investment.



The Healthy Leader: Learning to Lead Yourself

Do you struggle with too much to do in too little time?

Are you aware that the strain you are under … takes its toll on personal and professional relationships?

Being healthy is not just about physical health. It’s about becoming, and staying, vibrant in all five life domains, take a look.