On-Site Training

Leadership development takes time; it is a “process, not an event.” Training events are available in the form of on-site workshops, and also teleclasses that you and your staff can experience from the comfort of your own office.

Listed below are common topics for training and guidance requested to enhance leadership development. You may have others – workshop topics and lengths can be tailored to meet your needs if your staff is training as a group together.

  • Six Essentials to Being a Great Leader
  • Stressed Out, Burned Out, or Tuned Out? Keys to Managing Stress Effectively
  • Understanding & Celebrating Multiple Generations in the Workplace
  • The Healthy Leader: Learning to Lead at Your Best
  • I’ve Been Promoted to a Leader: Now What do I do?
  • Bringing Out the Best in You and Others
  • Are Your Meetings Effective: 9 Tips to Leading With Purpose
  • Creating Harmony in the Workplace
  • Customer Service Excellence: 10 Principles for Creating a Culture of Success
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • What Makes People Tick?
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style; Why Does it Matter?
  • Managing Conflict in Your Work Teams

Pathways to Excellence, LLC offers seminars, workshops and teleclasses that focus on all aspects of leadership development. Contact me to schedule a training session just for your group.

“Learning about the four personality types has been both an enjoyable experience and useful to me, particularly with regard to my relationships with several friends and family members. I could talk for hours with Teresa about the various personality types and how they affect our attitudes, behaviors, etc.!”

~ Laura Duncan

The gained knowledge and wisdom has allowed me to daily utilize as well as transform my attitude, cognition, spirituality and communication skills. I’m forever grateful God allowed our pathways to cross.”

~ Rachel Taylor