Personality Patch

Are there some people in your life that just seem to be “difficult people”?

Do you wish you could understand why some people behave the way they do?

Would you like to know how to create harmony in your family, church or workplace?

Then Personality Patch is just what you’re looking for!

Personality Patch Resources – eBooks – All four for $24.99

  • Through the Eyes of the Powerful Red
  • Through the Eyes of the Proper Blue
  • Through the Eyes of the Peaceful Green
  • Through the Eyes of the Playful Yellow

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PERSONALITY PATCH is to communications and relationships — what road maps and traffic laws are to driving! They are the guidelines which help us function individually and together as we work to create harmony in community.

Every day the road are filled with lots of different people, headed in different directions, with different goals in mind. Yet we drive smoothly along, with few mishaps, because we all understand common laws….

Yet, in our relationships, we have more bumps! We wish we could straighten out OTHER PEOPLE — those very same people who want to straighten us out!

WHETHER YOU are looking for help with a personal or professional relationship, small group or large, church or secular setting, PERSONALITY PATCH will help you bring out the plus in both your own personality and relationships with others.


Workshops designed to meet the needs of your group!

Other Personality Patch Topics Available…

  • Understanding Children’s Personalities
  • Learning Styles of Children & Adults
  • Understanding Your Spiritual Personality
  • Approaching God
  • Making the Right Career Choice
  • Communicating, Personality Style!
  • Minimizing ‘Personality Conflicts’
  • Revitalizing Your Marriage
  • Developing Rewarding Friendships
  • Other topics on request…

Bring Personality Patch to Your Church, School, or Business in a
Variety of Ways…

  • A one-two hour entertaining overview of the basic personality types, appropriate for staff in-service training, women’s meetings, service organization luncheons
  • A half-day seminar equipping participants to understand each other’s personality, improve productivity and increase job satisfaction
  • A full-day workshop allowing members to comprehend their own strengths and struggles and live and work in harmony with others
  • A multi-session, multi-week training involving the group in Personality identification,problem solving and effective communication techniques

These are just some of the ways Personality Patch can be used; or choose a custom program which meets your group’s specific needs.

What Do Others Say?

“Learning about the four personality types has been both an enjoyable experience and useful to me, particularly with regard to my relationships with several friends and family members. I could talk for hours with Teresa about the various personality types and how they affect our attitudes, behaviors, etc.!”
~ Laura Duncan

“Learning about my personality and the personalities of my co-workers has given me a new understanding of work place dynamics and how to function as a team by concentrating on each other’s strengths.”
~ Denise Henry

“It’s been great fun to learn about the personalities. My personal relationships have been positively affected as a result, and I understand myself better, too.”
~ Jeannie Housewright

“The gained knowledge and wisdom has allowed me to daily utilize as well as transform my attitude, cognition, spirituality and communication skills. I’m forever grateful God allowed our pathways to cross.”
~ Rachel Taylor

“My marriage has improved dramatically because I think we are now meeting each other’s needs in ways we never knew before.”
~Sue Roberts

Contact me for more information on how to bring a Personality Patch workshop to your organization!

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing all I’ve learned about personalities and their impact on our quality of life in so many arenas! This has truly been one of the most enlightening learning areas of my life, and I love being able to pass along the learning so it can make a difference in your world as well!

Unleash the leader within!

Teresa Gilbert, Certified Personality Trainer

Personality Patch is based on the information found in the book, Personality Plus, by Florence Littauer. Adaptations have been made to keep current with new research concerning personality behaviors.