Recognizing Your Imbalance

Living our live “in balance” has become a catchy phrase over the past several years. Some think it’s an illusion, that there’s no such thing as real balance in our lives. Some think it’s something possible to reach, but that few of us ever do.rtocks

Living in balance is not about a steady, calm “everything goes as planned” sort of life. Balance is like a teeter-totter; sometimes you’re up in the air, and things are crazy, busy, in turmoil. But then you’re able to experience the ‘down time,’ the end of the teeter totter that’s on the ground for a bit. And if you think about when a teeter-totter works the best, it’s when there’s a steady up and down, up and down, without “bumpsies,” at the bottom.

If a teeter-totter is perfectly balanced, sitting idle horizontal on the bar, it is not fulfilling its purpose. Its purpose is to provide and up and down ride to its guests. We are the same way. Balance is not about whether things are always cool, calm and collected in your life, but whether the fast pace slows on a regular basis so you can regroup.

There are times, like in my life right now, that there simply is not balance for a while. This is to be expected, with the death of someone you love, with a new birth in the family, a marriage, a moving of your home, a new job – these kinds of changes bring “bumpsies” to our lives and, for a time, our teeter-totter does not glide smoothly.

The best approach at this point is to recognize the imbalance, recognize that it’s temporary, and make temporary adjustments. Let some things go that can be delayed. Make some hard choices that, ultimately, will shorten your return journey to balance (I’ve negotiated some deadlines with some of you that is giving me some breathing room).

Living in balance is not an illusion, and it is possible. But we have to have a realistic definition and have to be intentional about reaching it. Otherwise, it truly eludes us, and our lives run us, instead of us running our lives.

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About Teresa Gilbert

Teresa Gilbert is the Founder and Owner of Pathways to Excellence, LLC, Coaching and Consulting Services, and provides services on-site as well as through On-Demand, teleconferencing, and individual and group coaching. Teresa works primarily with new supervisors and managers to help them fully develop their leadership potential.

Teresa worked in administration and management for over 25 years before creating Pathways to Excellence. She is a former Head Start director, a former Federal Monitoring Reviewer, has a Master’s Degree in Education, with a concentration in workforce development; she is a certified facilitator for Franklin Covey, True Colors, , Personality Patch and Poverty Simulation training. Teresa’s greatest passion lies in leadership training at all levels, and working to help programs and organizations become the best they can be.

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