Ways to Show You Care

To show your employees that you care about them, and work at building trust, respect and loyalty, consider these ideas: (different strategies are appropriate for different situations and relationships)

  1. Randomly, without any prompting, look them in the eye and say, “I really appreciate the work you did on that project.”
  2. Compliment them on something people may not often acknowledge — like their work ethic, or consideration for other people.
  3. show_you_careGive them a book you’ve already read, and inscribe it with a meaningful message.
  4. Tell them they were so right about something and let them know how that information impacted your life.
  5. Ask, “How are you — really?” Then do nothing but listen and respond to what you hear for as long as they’d like to talk.
  6. Ask, “What can I do to help you today?”
  7. Notice how they affect other people – not you-and comment positively on it.
  8. See their potential, and encourage them to pursue their dreams.
  9. Ask them to retell their favorite story.
  10. Tell them which qualities of theirs you admire.
  11. Introduce them to someone else as, “My valued assistant who taught me…” or something similar.
  12. Introduce them to something new that you think would enrich their lives.
  13. Let them be right, even if you think they’re not, if it’s not that big of a deal.
  14. Ask their advice on something important, and tell them their opinion is important to you.
  15. Notice when they do something that might have been challenging, and applaud their efforts.
  16. Tell them you understand their struggle — whatever that may be — and let them know you are willing to help.
  17. Say thank you for something they don’t realize they gave you, like inspiration to seize the day, or a tip on how to handle something challenging.
  18. Let them know how they helped you think about something differently. For example, if someone gave you a whole different perspective on a situation, let them know that.
  19. Surprise them in some way with something you know they’ll enjoy.
  20. Ask how their big day went — whatever that big day may have been.
  21. Share their pain when they have it, and just let them know you care.
  22. Be honest about something that could help them, even if it’s uncomfortable for you.
  23. Forgive something they did that hurt you without needing to hear the words, “I’m sorry.”
  24. Look out for someone they love.
  25. Remember something they said that they thought you didn’t hear.
  26. Help them reconnect with something or someone important in their life.

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About Teresa Gilbert

Teresa Gilbert is the Founder and Owner of Pathways to Excellence, LLC, Coaching and Consulting Services, and provides services on-site as well as through On-Demand, teleconferencing, and individual and group coaching. Teresa works primarily with new supervisors and managers to help them fully develop their leadership potential.

Teresa worked in administration and management for over 25 years before creating Pathways to Excellence. She is a former Head Start director, a former Federal Monitoring Reviewer, has a Master’s Degree in Education, with a concentration in workforce development; she is a certified facilitator for Franklin Covey, True Colors, , Personality Patch and Poverty Simulation training. Teresa’s greatest passion lies in leadership training at all levels, and working to help programs and organizations become the best they can be.

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